Super simple Flash example of the Indexhibit frontend

Finally we finished the “super simple” Flash example of our frontend for Indexhibit.
You can read more about the whole Flash / Indexhibit story here, here and here or just grab the new files and try for yourself …

simple indexhibit example

The previous sources/example was ActionScript-only and had to be compiled using the Flex compiler – this one comes as a FLA-file with a few classes to back it up. But only two of those classes are really of any interest to you if you want to customize the whole thing visually. (document-class set via properties panel in flash) (this one is linked to the exhibit movieclip in the library)

We tried to keep the example as basic as possible so there is no real “animation-mania” or something going on – some timeline tweenings, that’s all.

If you’re interested in building your own flash frontend for Indexhibit, just open the FLA-file and start from there … if you then still have any questions, don’t hesitate and leave us a comment.

Grab the sources here: /examples/indexhibit_simple/src/
Or take another look at the example: /examples/indexhibit_simple/

If you want to use your own Indexhibit installation and build a flash-frontend on top of that, you have to download the amf-package and put it in the root-directory of your webserver. change the dbaccess.php in the amf/includes folder to your database-name and -login … et voilĂ  the remoting gateway should be running smoothly. The next thing you have to change is the SERVER_URL in the SimpleExample-class in Flash – it should be your server’s name not ours ;)

That’s it for now … cheers