Sources for “Flash frontend for Indexhibit CMS”

Last week I wrote (see Flash frontend for Indexhibit CMS) about our flash-indexhibit-example.
Today I also uploaded the sources
I cleaned up the code but didn’t have the time to write any detailed comments. So take a look at the source-code and if you should have any questions, just leave a comment and we’ll try and help you as fast as we can.

The startpoint into the example is the Index class. This is only a loader-class responsible for loading the Main class which initializes the pureMVC framework and starts the application. After that, we use the StartupCommand to setup the application’s model and access the Indexhibit database via our RemoteGateway and the server-side remoting service “Indexhibit“.

To make the data handling easier we have two kinds of value objects: ExhibitVo and ImageVo. The remote-service is delivering you an array of ExhibitVos which you can use to display every available project from your Indexhibit installation.

If you want to dive right into the code, we recommend that you have at least a basic knowledge of the pureMVC framework’s design and functionality. Otherwise it’ll be hard to understand how the example is structured/built.

Other scripts we used in this example:

Get the sources here: </examples/indexhibit/>


ps: we’ll be heading to brighton tomorrow, so you’ll have to wait for a replay at least until thursday next week.
FOTB here we come :)
and watch out for our detailed report after we’re back from the beach.