Unofficial FDT Buglist

UPDATE: There is a official buglist now. Please read this post.

We are working with FDT since version 1.5 and think that it is by far the best ActionScript tool out there; we tried FlashDevelop, Sepi and all the others. Most of the people we work with are using FDT and most of them are pretty pleased, though some of them are a bit shocked when they see the price tag

However we have the feeling that since the release of FDT 3.0 Enterprise the development stocked somehow. In our daily work we found a lot of small and big bugs, more or less annoying. Some of them are so obvious and we are wondering why they don’t get fixed. The Bug section of their forum is sadly not usable for “real bugs” since its full of posts like “Help me, my FTD is not working”.

So we decided to publish our own unofficial buglist. Of course, we sent them to the FDT team too and when a bug is fixed we’ll update the list asap.

So here we go:

bug description fixed
“Organize imports” inserts the import statements sometimes below the sourcecode (or somewhere else at the wrong position). When pressing control-o the second time the imports are most of the time organized correctly. This especially happens when working with external core libarys like the fl-core. Not 100% reproducible. no
When the addEventListener method is passed more than the required parameter, the quickfix to create the listener method is not working anymore.
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If there is an error in (for instance) line 13 and you insert something in the lines above, the auto completion is not working anymore. Not always reproducible, though happens a lot at daily work. no
In general: When working with FTD for several hours, it tends to get slow and sometimes at some point even basic functionality (like auto completion) stops working. Only restart helps. no
If you want to refresh a swc: Click on the swc -> press F5 -> FDT freezes. You have to cancel the operation by clicking “cancel”. Then sometimes wrong classes are displayed (some are duplicate). Only restart helps. no
When you pass an anonymus object to a method (like HydroTween.go) and this object has more than one property, the code hint is wrong.
as3 tour
When typing ++ticker -> control-1 -> the property created in the header becomes a Boolean.
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When you press control-shift-o (organize imports) during the workspace build process nothing is happening. A “please wait” alert box should apear. no
You can access a protected get method outside of the class without getting a live error. Later the compiler is complaining. no
If you move packages (refacoring) the package paths are not updated correctly. no
Object.toString() and Array.toString() is missing for auto completion.
as3 tour
Happens all the time when using auto completion (still not 100% reproducible): control-space -> select parameter of method with the coursor -> hit ENTER -> the windows jumps up (to line one or something like that). no
In case there are duplicated classes in the classpath (for instance inside the “real” classpath and inside an asset swc) the in “FDT Source Folder” selected order is correctly used for compiling, but not for auto completion, code hinting and live error highlight. no

If you have any suggestions (or find mistakes in the list) please leave a comment. Or maybe you found a reproducible “every-day” bug you want us to add to the list.

Please do not post general FDT questions.

For FDT support please contact the FDT support team or leave a thread in to FDT forums.