FFK10 – Flash Forum Konferenz 2010

Image by Marc via Flickr

I made it back from cologne. Thanks to the vulcano I made new friends with lots of business guys in the night train from Cologne to Berlin…

I just want to point out some session (in order of appearance). If you miss one here I either missed it or found it crap… ;)

IntelliJ IDEA

Kirill Safonov (center) – Image by Marc via Flickr
Kirill Safonov made a fast forward demo of IntelliJ IDEA with an example project during the lunch break. Very very impressive. I tend to stick to my proven workflow and switch to new tools pretty late. However, the guys seem to build a tool with even more “coding comfort” then FDT. Will definitely have a look at IDEA soon. Also I’ll try to contact them, If they are willing to create a screencast out of that demo.

Michael Plank

Michael Plank – Image by Marc via Flickr
I always thought Michael is just some marketing guy traveling the world for FDT. I couldn’t been wronger. He actually has a very strong technical background. He was talking about “component based development” using the example of a MMOG based on Flash. The pros against object orientated development are so obvious when it come to complex games (Keith Peters also pointed that at FOTB09).

Saban Ünlü (iPhone development with Flash)

Saban Ünlü (workshop) – Image by Marc via Flickr
Saban gave an overview of developing iPhone Apps with Flash CS5. Despite the questionable future of this workflow I found it quite interesting. Seams that Adobe did a good job implementing the iPhone packager. Let’s see what the future brings…

André Michelle

Showed some old stuff and new experiment. This guy is sooo creative when it comes to developing new interfaces of creating music with the computer. He is the guy the music companies will steal cool innovative interfaces from. And btw, the Audiotool looks abolutely magnificent! Hey Adobe, hey music software companies, you need to buy this tool! It’s a final product with a potential high user base. The only thing they need are some resources to create a documentation and some tutorials. And of course integrate all the cool interfaces from André.

Ralph Hauwert

Ralph Hauwert – Image by Marc via Flickr
Amazing in depths 3D and ActionScript optimization stuff. Good inspiration. I especially liked the titles for laboom. Some particle optimization stuff I can’t wait to play with.

Johannes Mainusch (Xing)

Johannes Mainusch – Image by Marc via Flickr
I did some rant in the past and excuse them to be lazy and to not progress their platform. And altough you barley see new features on xing, they do a lot of stuff under the hood to improve the performance and response time of their site. I especially found it refreshing not to have a evangelist-speech but someone who’s quite honest with the fails they made in the past and fails they’re still making.

Mario Klingemann

Mario Klingemann – Image by Marc via Flickr
Nice talk with some old and some new stuff. He finally has released some of his tool on google code (can be found here). Also one other very handy thing he pointed out: You can very easy control the “randomness” of the Math.random() method by using the penner ease functions. Will definitely come in handy something.

Greetings to Martin, Michael, Raphael, Jens, Thien, Oliver, Andre, Claudia and thanks for the nice talks!