FFK09 – one down, two more to come

hi there.
just returned from cologne where FFK09 took place for the 9th time.
we met a lot of people and had a great time with the different talks – some i’d like to point out. so, if you’ll have the chance to check them out – don’t miss ‘em.

Audiotool Private Parts – Joa Ebert
joa offered a big insight into his (and the hobnox/audiotool) work – really fun hearing him talk about how much flash sucks but at the same time see him doing such beautiful things with it …

Selbst die Kunst kennt jetzt das Internet – Joel Baumann
one of the few guys that talked more about design than flash itself. would love to see more sessions like this one – inspiring!

10 Hot Minutes – Cannasse, Ebert, Klingemann, Michelle, Reitberger
every one of the above had 10 minutes showing off their flash skills. not everybody succeeded in leaving us with our jaws open … i really liked joa’s 300.000 particles, andré’s guitar and mario’s van gogh.

What is SWF? – Nicolas Cannasse
again, great insights into the world of flash compilers, haXe and code optimization in general.

Boing Bumm Tschak – André Michelle
despite being seriously ill, andré’s talk was really entertaining – i’m not so much into all this audio-programming stuff, but had a great time listening to him talk about it :)

last session with mario klingemann – was really looking forward to this one, but i was a bit disappointed. maybe it was because of his jet-lag (mario just flew over from FITC / toronto) … but he definitely lacked the enthusiasm that i so liked about him in prior sessions … too bad :(

all in all, we had some fun while also learning a great deal.

by the way – joa and andré revealed that hobnox will start to make parts of the audiotool open source: opensource.hobnox.com

if you’re interested, here are some really great pictures from marc and john – i just picked one to show in this post:

FFK09 crowd

FFK09 crowd / marc thiele

next week there’s offf in portugal … sorry to say, but i can’t go. aron’ll be waving the apdev flag for us :)

and don’t miss the early bird tickets for FOTB – sale starting on may 18th.