Back from Brighton

We are back from Brighton …. and it really was a blast!
Despite the time of year the weather was great – especially after last year’s monsoon-like rains on the coast of Britain. We arrived in Brighton on Monday morning and went straight to the beautiful venue – the Brighton Dome. On the first day we attended some really interesting sessions:

  • Grant Skinner‘s / 50 reasons AS3 kicks ass
  • Scotsman Hoss Gifford amused us with his talk about “The tip of the iceberg”
  • The great Joshua Davis started his session rappin’ … WORD!

The first party was supposed to be in the seaside casino in Brighton – but after waiting for about 2 hours to get in (w/o drinks …) we decided it was time to check the local bars :)
The second day was as good as the first. Mentionable sessions were:

  • Craig Swann‘s “Perceptive Interactions + Alternative Interfaces”
  • Mario had fun dancing with his gloves during his “2D or not 2D that is the question” session
  • Robert Hodgin didn’t really talk about Flash but his (mainly) Processing topics were off-the-wall

Because we already saw Andre Michelle‘s “Klangfabrik” in Cologne the other day, we decided to stick with Neville Brody – a good choice, because he really showed some amazing works. The last session just blew our minds: Jared Tarbell had ace after ace up his sleeve.
Ooooh … i almost forgot to mention the “inspired sessions” from Erik Natzke and Brendan Dawes – they really were … inspiring :D We just laid back, had some beer and listened to them telling about their most recent masterpieces – thumbs up!

So, all in all we hope to get back to Brighton next year – and maybe next time we’ll even be able to play some roulette or poker ;)

fotb 2007 / beautiful venue