AIR Flex App: Email Address Organizer


Create a mailing list.

How to:

  • Install app
  • Create a project
  • Import some email addresses as csv file
  • Sort email addresses
  • Export csv file
  • Done


I never had a mailing list inside my email app. I’m using Thunderbird for several years now, but i was always too lazy to create a proper mailing list. I know that sounds funny, but every time i want to send some birthday invitations I pick every email address one-by-one from the global address book (thats where Thunderbird puts all the addresses in, i ever wrote an email to or received an email from). Ridiculous!

So if you ever have a lot of time to order all your email addresses, this tool might help you.


This movie requires Flash Player 9

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Although the Application works stable there are some features we haven’t integrated yet. Also, there might be a bug on some scenarios around the corner. However: No beta this time… ;)

We implemented the updater, so you’ll be automatically informed when a new version is available.

As soon as we implemented some other features and cleaned up the source code, we will release the source code.