Adobe AS3 Tour / Back from Munich

We were at the “AS3 – From the ground up tour” in Munich yesterday and it was really fun. Although most of the topics were for beginners it was amazing just listening to him talking about these things. And Colin Moock can definitely talk … and so he did … for about 9 hours. Everything you need to know about OOP.

Because we just flew through all the slides he had prepared, in the end, he had some time left for talking about new features in ECMAScript 4. That was some crazy stuff. But good to hear this from someone who knows what he is talking about and can easily make things accessible for everyone else.

So, thanks Colin – we had a great time !


PS: Watch out for Colin driving 250km/h on the Autobahn chewing some Bavarian “Weißwürschte” (sausages).

as3 tour