ActionScript Spellchecker for Flash Textfields (with source code and example)

Finally I had the time to add the missing features to our Spellchecker class v01.
You can now right-click the misspelled words and get suggestions from the loaded dictionary in the context-menu.

apdev spellchecker

Version 2 also improves the performance when checking really long textfields because we only check the visible part of the text. So as long as your textfield doesn’t have 3000 visible lines of text, it’ll work just fine.

So again, this is ActionScript-only spellchecking for FlashPlayer 9. No Flex required (compared to Adobe’s version).

The Apdev Spellchecker is built on top of Adobe’s “Squiggly“, which they released earlier.

Get our class here:
And the required classes from Adobe here:

*Small update* Example for TextField in Flash CS4:

Hope this helps anybody …